Sunday, November 9, 2014


This is a matter of Good Guts, so no, I don't have a picture……although I will try and get one for you.

Sorry, it is a bit confronting, but we all have Guts - the colon -  (our second brain), and most of us have troubles there, even if we are not aware that this is the case.  Hence the public panic herding us towards bowel cancer screening.   I have had gut problems since I was a toddler, and mostly managed since I discovered yoga (or yoga discovered me) but now, I am doing some housecleaning keeping in mind that I want to work as a yoga teacher for lots of years yet.  But I want to live on my own terms, and not be forced in action by a medical professional largely concerned primarily with its own preservation, and avoiding insurance claims.

It is difficult to buck the system - or be discerning about what you take/do and what you don't.  When I refused to go her way, a doctor recently told me that I would probably not live if I didn't do what she wanted, and when I refused to comply she called me a bully!  I think it does take some energy and study to stand up for yourself and to go with what you believe.  The medicos are always gobsmacked when I say NO!  Try it sometime.

Luckily I have put together a tiny "team" of people who will help me to stay happy and healthy until my time comes to "give up the ghost" (die).  Don't know about you, but I will not live my life zonked out with chemicals which do nothing except take my human'ness away.

When I come up against a health issues,
1. I like to know what my body is doing and why it is doing it….
2. I explore different alternatives, study diet, meditation, exercise and allergies before I decide to go to a doctor.  Sometimes a definite test is important - sometimes it will make little difference.
3. Then I explore exactly those things with the doc. and add blood testing and other non-instrusive screening to the mix, if this seems appropriate.
4. Depending on the results I will gradually "up the ante" until a definitive result is obtained - but I am still not finished.  When I have that, my preference is to work with it in a natural wayif possible.
5. and will only submit to the establishment model if my way is not going far enough, not getting any results (I just need the slightest change to keep going my way).

This has seen me through what many people would consider life and death issues, and I am still here.  At present I am working through some gut health issues and over the next 3 weeks I will be concentrating a bit harder,  having gotten to number 4 above.  Dealing happily with the current problem in a natural way, and expecting changes of a positive nature to occur.

I will keep you posted.  I certainly am doing heaps of study, but this is not unusual.   I am always on the lookout for the natural alternative….which sometimes means going back in time.